Photofusion Salon 21

I will be exhibiting in Salon 21 at the Photofusion Gallery from July 13th. As part of their 30th anniversary curators  Emma Bowkett and Zelda Cheatle have chosen Hit and run No1 to be shown.

I decided to express my emotional state during the last year with a series of images. The materials and style to reflect my state of mind, my concern for the world and those responsible. I gathered material more ugly and broken than previously. The scarring of objects more crude and violent than usual. Swirling structures, angry, angular, discordant and dirty, the elements finely balance the whole teetering on collapse and mayhem. Delicately poised constructs expressing fury and frustration…..’

The exhibition runs from July 13th. For more information

For more still life

Also see selections of my work at Lensculture

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